Apr 252016

OK I sent out a mail chimp a few weeks ago. After sending that out I also was emailing certain people because I am tired of not getting justice. Anyways I found myself recently in articles back in Maryland in the Baltimore Sun for plays I performed in or was involved in. I myself never […]

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Mar 222016

I was involved in 2003 with a stand in on Carnival, but not Jeremy Gilbreathe. I was involved with John Ponzio, though not serious. I found out he was dating another stand in on the set and got very angry. Despite that we continued to be professional friends. Our hugs and conversations were just that, […]

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Mar 162016

In 2009 my toe was smashed at the FIRST STAGE Theater run my BERUBIAN. He told us his father was a retired Border cop. I think he came to one of the showcase nights, a bad night, because I was not good that night. The cast of the production seemed to know I would not […]

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Feb 272016

In all honesty I am always kind of looking at Casting on some level. I have my email searches set up to send me emails about anything science fiction and acting. Seriously, I do. It is interesting what I get. Today I found out that they are making a movie about “The Most Hated Woman […]

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