Jan 122017

My twitter stalker had stopped but then she started up again after I was harassed by a GUN lover on Instagram for being too old to act. I suspect my Instagram attackers may know my stalker. I know this is the same stalker because I got notifications for all the other comments, but the person with the EGG as their photo. In addition twitter did not take the account down and instead left up a comment that slander to my person. I want to sue TWITTER FOR THis and make them reveal who has been doing this to me as I suspect they KNOW.

There are more twitter attacks including ones from the fall I have not posted. It is time consuming and the attacks kine of mentally wore me out and almost made me stop functioning. I am so infuriated with this because I am trained to act, write, and make films but feel so violated by all of this and cut off and I have no idea who to trust not knowing who this lunatic is.

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