Jan 122017

I am tired of not being able to get a lawyer for being abused and lied about and slandered. I am sick. I will probably die because of what these people did. I did not hurt anyone. I did not take anything or steal. And the people in the below emails, Michael Lovern Green, Lee Ryder are both TRUMP SUPPORTERS. Arne Star may be as well. He got work on set from Dempsey and apparently ERIC DANE either told him I was weird or that was his opinion of me on the set of Gray’s Anatomy. I would like him to define WEIRD, considering he was supposed to be pro gay, but I am actually straight. I am an introvert and shy. that is not a reason to be abused or made fun of.

Lee Ryder was included in the conversation by Michael Lovern Green. I got into a twitter fight with both of them after and blocked them. Ryder practically admits in the twitter attacks to knowing one WILL WALLACE and apparently got his SAG card by being picture picked by MAMET. Ryder is a gun lover and Republican. And he had a hatred for me that I did not understand but if he did know Wallace that would explain it. I took WALLACE off of my resume and would not talk about him. he was dead to me.

I was also NOT escorted off set and this is the first time I am hearing I terrified a woman. Arne in emails before which I posted never mentioned this and I talked to him about one COURTNEY LOVELL who I have emails from post us having an argument on a set. If I terrified her, why respond to me. I plan to post those emails.

Please note I tried to file charges against ERIC DANE for remarks I did hear about me on set from him and I have been trying to find a lawyer to SUE ABC and DISNEY and Shondraland for his BEHAVIOR and the fact that I was treated as though I commit a crime or was violent when I NEVER WAS violent with anyone. these conservative republicans LIED.

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