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Dec 082014

  That is only because the medium has changed.  The revenue is still there it’s just going some place else.  The ad money goes to internet marketing.  That money needs to be channeled somehow back to the creators of programs and the artists for streaming acting and TV work.  They need a new name for it, like ITTV.  Internet Television. 

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Sep 272014

I would have made if I’d been left alone on sets then I made as a legal temp back in DC.

I’m getting rid of this book that was given to me.  I never wanted to produce or be a big fish.  I just wanted to work in some less stressful to me capacity.  What comes easy to me is not writing, but photo shop, taking pictures, editing after effects and acting. I also don’t like being in a box. 


Ok guess what?  Craft people make 30 plus an hour. Location managers make from 1000 to 2700 on a five day pay rate depending on level.  There are also overtime pay rates for after 5 days.  Casting is negotiable except Assistants in TV that make 10.57/ hour as of 2011. Publicists make 30 plus an hour to 2200 for a five day week.  This category includes Trailor supervisors. Because of my back I can’t do sound or camera.  However still photographers make $43 to 52 an hour or $414 per day or almost 2000 a week.
Editors.  Well majors make $50 an hour to 3000 for five days.  Apprentice makes 32.50 per hour or 1300 per week.  Trailer editor makes 40 plus an hour.  Assistants make closer to 36 an hour.
Independents editor’s make 30 to 66 per hour depending on level.
Story analysts make 32 to 40 an hour.   Art directors make $2000 plus a day.Script supervisors make $30 an hour to 2000 a week.   There are higher rates higher for preparation and wrap up to 4000 but not sure time period.  I don’t want to be a script supervisor I’d get headaches.
Illustrators which I am not, make $30-60 an hour or on call 400 to 500 a day or 2000 a week.  I’m not an illustrator. 

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Jun 202013

I attended an event in Burbank for Nicholas’ Sparks new film “Safe Haven.” The event consisted of interviews with Sparks & the two lead actors. I actually left after the Sparks interview, as I was told the event would end a half hour ealier than it probably did. I also did not want to hear the actors speak for some reason. Maybe it was bad kharma or well the last time I saw Joshua Duamel was the summer I found out I had cancer, or right before that summer on the set of “Las Vegas.” His co-star James had been the friend of an actor I knew whose friends I hung out with and at least two of them I dated. Ever since I attended this event something has been troubling me. You see Sparks came up into the audience and talked to us. He said something odd to about mutual attraction. Well something that is obvious- it has to be both ways. I get that. IN fact, that is why I am single. I get more men interested in me I want nothing to do with, then men I do, and well I am not one to try to make anyone I would want want me. I have not had a man I have met act like he liked me as much as I liked him since working on Sleeper Cell. I am learning though that people in this town are like two year olds. They gossip and play games and assume without asking the right questions. Actually the same is true every where. If I went back to DC I would get lawyers hitting on me thinking there wallet would make me love them or some ex knocking on my door I don’t want to see. I want to move ON and FORWARD but that means I get more challenging things to do as an ACTRESS. It does not mean I go back to DC to what- TEMP. I am not driven to run a corporation, an organization or be top dog with a big pay check. I want to make MOVIES with ACTORS- not documentaries on history or politics. And I don’t want dinner parties talking about what the latest bill is going through congress. As a mature adult I find it really annoying since I like to have fun and laugh, but fear I can’t be playfull without the prejudices thrust upon my sex. I as the weaker sex must want to chase attractive men, and not have them if interested take steps to prove they like me. I must be the seductriess because I am female when I really want companionship. But lets also face it, if there is no atttraction with that companionship- relationships do get boring. The main thing that bothered me about the event though was a comment SPARKS made to us and in his interview- that he knew he met the ONE because they had similar background. Well let me tell you if I met a guy with a similar background to mine I would not want to date or marry him. I would be wary he would make me go to church on Sunday and wear a dress, he would tell me I need to get into the kitchen and cook and clean for him, and I would be regularly told I am stupid, a failure, and need to be seen and not heard. Not a pretty picture is it? I don’t think I am attractive anymore, but I was, and it hurts to know my parents don’t care if I feel good about my looks. They don’t get having a man who accepts the real me and helps me stay healthy and attrctive is more important to me than being with a man who has money who can well keep me. I don’t want to be kept. One of abuse and neglect and well does any intelligent woman who wants a career and a family, want a man who would do anything to make you stay at home, shut up and do the dishes for him, or worse have a carrer where you work long hours at night and the man who is supposed to love you does nothing to help around the house because you just do all the work. I also want to travel and work on film sets and work in the arts and well I don’t want the EASt coast lifestyle. ANd if you tell me tough luck grow up- I did. Sorry. that is a crappy abusiive excuse for trying ot make me live the “Wonderful LIfe” for real. Sorry. Not interested. I wold be miserable and not joyful about the little bell ringing at the end. I think I would rather have a guy who understood my pain and who well was into helping animals, the environment, vegan, spiritual, same music (imagine being stuck in a car with someone who did not like the music you liked) and loved ACTING and film and could deal with my interest in photography and film making and GOT IT. None of th e men I knew FIT ME NOW.

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May 292013

For those of you who don’t know I was attacked by Borth herself and her fans. Someone accused me of having sick fantasies. Well you don’t know me. I am a woman who is trained to act, make films and well I am a bit old fashioned and have only seen one porn in my entire life, so not into sick anything. I don’t dream of riches or fame. I dream of getting an acting role that challenges me, something that allows me to expose a level of my humanity. I also know the difference between an actor and the CHARACTER he or she plays. Anyways and i have a surprise for the BORTH fans out there. i made a song up that was based on her character from “Combat Hospital” and her co-star. A love song about their characters. No jealousy. No sense of delusions. I was actually thinking of well making a living doing something creative. Then the show was cancelled and I was being messed with and well I put the idea to bed. Now I have decided to expose my self as not a stalker or a celebrity want a be, but an ARTIST and ACTRESS who loved the WORK.

I think I am also tired of this country trying to make me live the “American” dream which I feel is a MALE dominant dream. I need to stop the source of the pain and I need Justice. I don’t want to hurt anyone. I am not a celebrity glam driven person even. I LOVE ACTING, just as much as I know from an interview I read once about Borth, that she does. Borth once talked about how Acting helped her overcome addiction and allow her to get the emotions she felt out. Well I am not mentally disabled or mentally wacked. I am a sensitive person and I am not interested in having that sensitivity brutalized to the point I want to destroy the beauty in the world because I don’t care about anyone, not even myself. Acting helps me keep sane. Acting is an activity of interaction with others and it is my way of socializing and seeing the world. My world goes bad, I take an acting class. It just sucks right now because I am being the victim of a hate crime against me and being lied about behind my back to the extent that I think guys are afraid to work with me, and yet I WAS The ONE VIOLATED. I need to know not only that I am trusted again, because I was the kid who did well in school and would not do anything illegal, but that others trust me. I need to fight to not only be allowed to be vulnerable, but to know that others can be vulnerable with me. I mean seriously I grew up a long time ago. I am just not the type of person my parents wanted- obedience, driven to make a family with any man who has a job, and basically a failure so my father’s ego is not hurt. I also DON”T make up stories which is a reason I WANT TO SUE ABC, DISNEY and MY UNION for letting a guy who MOLESTED me stay on sets because he was UNION and had a girlfriend who was ALSO UNION and they wanted to cover up what he did by insinuating I was a LIAR or DELUSIONAL WHEN I AM NOT. I am not letting this GO because I LOVED MY LIFE ON SETS and am SICK of not even being a NORMAL AMERICAN woman who can be a fan of actors. WELL GUESS WHAT PEOPLE because I am AN ACTOR – those of you men claiming to be, or who are and I don’t find you attractive- are NOT going to get me to fall for you by BREAKING ME. And you certainly are not by getting actors I admire to drive me INSANE.

I was a fan of COMBAT HOSPITAL. I will be honest however, I have been a fan of the show because I was a fan of Luke Mably. I became a fan because of an episode of “Kingdom” in which he plays the brother of…. well I don’t want to tell you because it ruins the ending. Let us just say that I had a cousin growing up and when I was little my brother and I would play with her and let her win board games until she developed enough to win on her own. It reminded me of those times. I would have to say I was the black sheep of the two of us, my brother and me. I was willing to stand up and fight and not give into our parents demands, though my brother in his own way would not become the person my father wanted either. It reminded me that I was better than my father. It reminded me that there are also perhaps men of kindness in the world. At the time I did not know who this actor was playing the role and well I did not bother to find out. I have seen that episode though twice. Instead, I became a Stephen Fry fan watching everything I could with him in it. (Fry is not my type- and I should not even have to write that out. Why? Because people not everything in life is about hooking up and dating. I have never been about hooking up and dating. I’m an intellectual girl, though I will admit I have actually not wanted an intellectually driven boy.) Well then Mably was cast in the Gates and I like Vampire shows, though I really can’t stand the sight of real blood. I realized after I started watching it for while that it was the same actor. I actually unfriended a friend of mine for while because of the Gates. Freaked me out. After that he was cast in Combat Hospital.

Now to the interesting part. I also had friends who were British. I was in an episode of a Web series and my producer is British. I also worked with a group of actors who were British and someone put a PSA I did on a website over seas and it got 10,000 hits. I became fans of a woman over in the UK who was a musician. I was also hanging out sometimes with a woman who many now know, pop singer, Kwanza Jones. Well I started being followed by a woman in the UK named Jenna James Iredale. We started talking. We even emailed each other. Well I got inspired by listening to a duet she had done on MySpace to write a song based on the story of “Combat Hospital.” I told her about it. I even talked to her about writing it for her and well started to negotiate some kind of an agreement. I have to admit that is where things fell apart. I don’t trust lawyers anymore. My friend Kwanza I remember telling me had some standard contracts that she used and also asked what style of music I was writing to. I was actually writing LYRICS. I am not sure why some people thought I wrote songs.. I can read music but music was more the thing of friends of mine in college. I was the actress, poet. Though I was also known to write lyrics to songs and sing them, making up my own tune, just not knowing how to write a score for it. Also I started being messed with on my twitter. This was when the whole Mably stuff started to happen that I talked about in a different blog. The final stroke that kind of made the whole writing a song for “Combat Hospital” or well not for it, but inspired by it, because technically this could be about any two people in the medical field, was that it was announced it was cancelled. ABC killed the show. I know it. I was here in Los Angeles and there were never any ADS up for it. Most shows on the major networks get at least a billboard somewhere, but not that show. I often wonder if it was because it was a UK based show taped in Canada, but now I wonder if they did not tape parts of it here in Los Angeles.

By the way US GOVERNMENT- I will not date a man who has any connection to my father even if from another country. THIS IS MY LIFE. I want to know that it is still the country that I loved as a kid with me having the RIGHT to be my own person, which means I FIGHT TO MY LAST BREATH TO BED A PROFESSIONAL ACTOR and the MALE DOMINATED PGA needs to also stop this if they are involved in BLACKLISTING me. PERIOD.

So anyways I am furious with the US, the Government, ABC, Disney and people who seem to want me to be driven to the point I decide I am to accept I will never get to be happy again, enjoy life or have LOVE. You see I don’t want a job where I can afford to travel and take vacations, a car, a house and things. I want a job where I feel like I am having fun all the time again even when the conditions are crappy and that I feel alive again and in my element. I was taken out of my world when I was taken off sets and I am not interested in going back to my fathers world of POLITICS, LAWYRES, and COPS. I studied Art Management and volunteered with the Washington Area Music Association back east, not work in a Court clerk office or for a politician. I once turned down an offer to intern with a Senator because it was not paid. To me it was not worth my time to pursue work I did not love if I was not compensated for it, since my desire was not to run the country or the world but to heal the wounded child inside of me.

Now for “Love is a CURE.” And I think I want to change the order of the verses to be more logical and this is a DUET. I just have not given who sings what lines. LOVE IS A CURE.

You are the Catheter in my heart. The source of my blood flow. I feel a pain in my arm when you go.

I’m the doctor in the night. Let me take control. My knife will heal your soul.

This love is healing. This love is pure. This love keeps me going. Love is the Cure.

You reach for me in so many ways And I block your pain. It is such a shame We fear the intimacy of emotional strain.

The THUMP THUMP THUMP Drives me crazy. The beat is out of control. My breath is not fulfilling me. It needs your oxygen So I can breathe.

I have an affliction. Your my addiction When we both touch the healing love is such a rush

You reach for me in so many ways and I block your pain I need your intimacy Remove your scrubs there is no shame

You are the catheter in my heart the source of my blood flow I feel a pain in my arm when you go

I am the doctor in the night Let me take control My knife will heal your soul.

Doctor you need healing to and I have the tools This surgeon knows CPR Your cure is not that far from you Just let my lips breathe a beat into you.

The THUMP THUMP THUMP Drives me crazy. The beat is out of control. My breath is not fulfilling me. It needs your oxygen So I can breathe.

This love is healing This love is pure This love keeps me going Love is a cure.

And guess what people. Who ever from my past does not want me to be successful. How much LOVE have you destroyed with all these games. I have met people in my past who were driven my jealousy. they wanted to be greast artists. And they knocked me down. Remmeber how happy I was for your success and proud to KNOW YOU. At the same time I won’t forget one or who who told me i had more talent in my finger then anyone they ever met. But we are scared of smart talented WOMEN and even other women in the need to protect themselves will not help me. They are more worried about being hired by ABC then recognizing the hypocrisy.

I also know that I risk someone taking this, stealing it, and using it. Some man thinking with his second brain who figures no one would believe I CAME up with this. After all I am a woman and I am less than any man. I can’t be creative and smart and talented. Chilvalry is not alive to me. They will take my gift and use it and then leave me with nothing and do it knowing they have done so.

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