This is the category for my life prior to joining the union and on sets from 2003 to 2009. An exploration of where I have been to end up to where I am now, and including my fight with cancer.

Apr 102013

There are a series of e-mails with peopel I worked with, mostly through HOLLYWOOD OS. You see they made me a life time member. I joined HOllywood OS back when they split from Sande Alessi. They are a network cite for all the background castng agents in town, except Central. After I POSTED WHAT JEREMY GILBREATHE did to me- they stopped me from posting in their stie. THEY MADE ME A LIFETIME member but unlike other members I could not post i was avaialbe. I ended up having to sell my car so I could cut costs. I lost everything for a guy who could not stay out of my SPACE on sets. ABC DISNEY took my rights away when I LOVED MY JOB- not a guy. MY STANDARDS ARE HIGH- I am a strong person and I want TRUE FRIENDS. HOwever, they cot me off from people who did care about me- from the people who encouraged me when I had CANCER.

Someone even told me to MOVE ON: TO WHAT- WAIT let me guess JEREMY IS A MAN AND WAS TRAINING TO EDIT- something I did not know. People on sets like ARNIE STARR knew I was training to work in digital media- well actually they knew I was leanring web stuff, but I was not interested in having clients outside the industry and I discovered in Photo Shop I had skills and was talking to set photographers. THEY HAD NO RIGHT TO SINGLE ME OUT FOR ABUSE or to shut me UP to protect a guy who ABUSED ME THE WAY THAT HE DID.

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Mar 042013

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer of the milk ducts in June of 2005.  Two weeks later I received a call from Central Casting.  I had been picture picked to be a part of season 5 for 24.  I called them back and left casting a message that I was sick and could not do it.  Then I thought about it and finally called them back and left them a message saying that I had cancer, had to have surgery and was afraid the surgery would alter my appearance and well, 24 was one day in one season and I did not want to mess them up.  Casting called me back and told me I was cute and that they were not going to let me quit the fitting for 24. 

My first day was just a fitting and I went to 24’s main studio location.  I don’t think I knew what category I was going to be yet.  I was also working the film “Stick up” at the same time and needed to leave the fitting straight for set.  I took my own suits with me and at the fitting I told wardrobe that I would be having surgery at some point and that they needed to dress me in case my upper body changed.  I was not yet sure what to expect to happen.  This was just weeks after finding out about the cancer.  Wardrobe told me I did not have to tell anyone about my condition.  Wardrobe decided to fit me in my own suit, so I would not have to worry and well I could just wear my clothes to set.  They did have me wear their earrings I remember and a necklace I think.

I don’t think I should say where we shot for our first locations, but I will say it was one of my favorites.  24_me10to11amseason5_p1


I remember they asked me to move into my chair on set.  You can see me in the first pic in the light pewter blue suit- hair bob cut and curly.  I am walking into the seats at this point.  I was playing a reporter and this was episode 10 to 11 am.  I accidently, due to a mistake from casting, worked a day when they had reporters and mourners outside the Former President’s location of death, but you can’t see me in that scene, though I may go back at some point and check deleted scenes (they had me in one of my own black suits and also put me through hair and makeup to disguise the mix up).

Sometime while shooting at this location I fainted on set.  It was very HOT.  The medic wanted to know if I was under a doctors care for anything.  I finally confessed that I had cancer and begged him not to send me home. I needed to work and well sending me home was not going to make me better.  The cancer would not go away by simply taking me out of the heat.  The medic ended up giving me the phone number of a plastic surgeon he knew.  I did not go to him, but he gave me advice on what to expect.  I apparently called the medic from the hospital when I recovered.  I have no idea what i  said, but later when I ran into him on set he told me my message was funny.   I think I just told him I made it and was OK and thank you, but then I was under the influence of very strong pain medicine. 

Next I worked a day when the president was seeing the Russian prime minister off.  This was episode 3 to 4 pm.


This was the day I met Glenn Moreshower for the first time.  Not sure why, but he told me we red heads need to stick together.  One of the other actors on set told me about a seminar Glenn was having so later I went and heard him speak and he actually wanted to introduce me to his agent, but I gave Glenn my resume and was kind of not pushy.  At this point I knew I had to have surgery and well I was scared and what was I supposed to do.  “Hi agent yeah sign me but I may be dead in a few months I don’t know yet.”

I also worked at the main studio once.  We did a studio “night” press conference with President Logan.  I remember I had lunch with one of the Crew “NIck?” who was also a writer.  Someone gave us a hard time about it, and he looked at the person and said “Hey I am trying to make a friend here.”  That to me was respect.  Apparently I forget to make a copy of that image but it was a press conference at the Presidential “retreat” where Logan declares martial law, and I found me in my blue suit, though you only really see my back half behind a camera.

After my surgery was done and I found out I was OK I called Central casting and told them that I could go back to work on 24 if they wanted me.  I got a call that they wanted me to work on location on a military base and needed my information to do a background check.  (INTERESTING HUH?  IN the summer of 2005 the US military and the US government KNEW what I was doing to make money.  they also knew I had cancer.  They all also knew I was good at acting and being on a set.  Later the military would try to convince me to work for them as an actor, but I said NO way.  there was no way I was going to work in bad conditions in the dessert after I lost all my upper body fat to cancer.  Also I was a conscientious objector, which is a valid reason under the Constitution not to be forced to bear arms or be involved in activity that could lead to the loss of life.  Seriously I think having a mastectomy should be classified as a disability.  Every 10 years I have to have surgery to have my implants replaced. MEN in the US define a woman on LOOKS and flat chested women are not seen as women.  MY cancer was cut out of me, but I will NEVER get my breasts back.  the feelings I Had in my upper body as a woman are also diminished.

Anyways, I remember I worked on 24 for a few days on what turned out to be the final episode of the season 6 am to 7 am.  It was the funeral scenes/ arrest.  Again in the blue suit you can see me as a reporter in a small crowd of reporters trying to talk to LOGAN as he arrives.  24_ep6to7amSeason5 24_ep6to7amSeason5_2

You can see me again at the back of the crowd with a mic and a camera as Logan gives his speech.


The weird thing is I found an image of a guy I worked with the last time I worked “Boston Legal.”  We were on a break and I remember he was showing me what was going on with the UNIONS.  It was the last time I worked Boston Legal, after my accident- 2008.  I remember also that Anne Maria Johnson was doing a guest spot that day.  She came out and actually talked to us about the politics of the potential merger.  She also said something very weird about how ABC needed to protect the value of its library of recordings??  Keep in mind this was a good two years after I had cancer and worked on 24.  I was also studying to do digital media and had hoped to find work in the industry that would allow me to be around sets, continue to build a professional working actors resume (not a celebrity I am a star and know it work) and work not as physically abusive as being a grip or production assistant, something where I could use my skills with a computer and a camera and photo shop.  I had cancer people so I needed to take care of my body, heart, mind and soul.


I AM FURIOUS with the US.  I was working hard. I had a great reputation on a set and was so good that when I was sick 24 hired me, one of the top shows at the time on TV.  TO have the cast of Grey’s Anatomy out of some political jealous crap have me blacklisted so that my reputation could be destroyed is wrong and I SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO SUE FOR IT, especially since my OWN UNION is going be in my opinion outdate archaic perspectives that if you ever worked on a set as background you are incapable of acting or of being ever seen as a professional actor or set person.  THAT HAS TO END and I want a lawyer to stop it, especially since it seems that they seem to treat more WOMEN that way then MEN.  Basically what I am trying to say is the the Government probably did not do this to me, but ABC, DISNEY, Dempsey, DANE, AFTRA and My UNION DID. And contrary to what Republicans and my father may say- I am and was LIKED IN CALI.

The guy in charge of us on 24 on my last day for the season told me that they might bring me back season 6 and if they needed to, would switch my categorry.  I kind of think it is strange that it never happened, though I never called Central and asked and never pushed.  I did send thank you post cards.  I often wonder now if the government stopped that, but I would run into people I knew who were working season 6 and they would tell me I should try to get on it.  Some of the guys in that crew treated me like I could be more than I was.  I appreciated that.  Made me feel like I had a future that I wanted when I had cancer.  I did not push for season 6 also because I was finding work and well I think the cancer memories were too much for me to deal with.  Working 24 would being back the memory of the experience to me, and I needed time to heal. 

I should also add that the man who told me I was on a watcher list by Disney was not in a security uniform, did not carry a gun.  He had only a clip board and wore a pocket protector and reminded me of some of the conservatively dressed people I would see around the church of scientology or if I were casting him as something I would have cast him as an insurance man, teacher, or office staff. I remember a UNION background artist verbally slandered me on YouTube under a video on the dos and don’ts of working on a set.  Looking back I think the guy was jealous.  You see politics do happen but there are times when they go to far and are actionable.  I never slept with anyone to get what I wanted, but if the employers liked me and wanted to hire me as opposed to someone else or an actor considered me a friend, that is not unprofessional or illegal, even if background.  Prejudicing against me for being LIKED and hired all the time and good at the job, better than some UNION people out there- was and is WRONG.  I don’t know to this day what I did to have someone at Grey’s meet me on a recall to be told I can’t work for them.  If they fired me for talking to principals- sorry but that kind of violates the Constitution.  So I was supposed to be RUDE and not converse with them when they liked my work enough to treat me like an equal??

This is what also bothers me.  A girl who bullied me on Eli Stone claims to have worked on 24, Vegas, and well she did work on Eli Stone, however like me she was background.  She also claimed to have gotten her vouchers on the show “Life.”  I have watched all the 24s, Vegas, and I found myself in those shows, but not her at all.  Let me make this very clear to- ANYONE IN HOLLYWOOD who would not hire someone because they did background- is being discriminatory, juvenile, prejudicial, and well you are passing on someone who has experience on sets and knows how things work on sets- does that make sense??

Pushing me into a life where I do work I did not fight to do or would not fight to do, is no way to make anyone achieve their goals, fight for money or even love. I am not the type who can do things for money alone. I will not accept a future where I can’t be hired by anyone in Hollywood after I worked so hard when I thought I was going to die. HOW DARE my FAMILY try to make me be a failure- do you think that will make you be a ROCKSTAR!!

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Oct 222012

I think now I need to start journaling what I remember about my first days on sets.  I had been studying with an acting teacher who was a bit of a bully.  He asked me to do a reality project with a friend.  I did not know much of reality TV at the time.  I was still new.  How quickly things change.  I hated it.  I did not want to pretend to be a friend to anyone.  Frankly I think the producers of the show knew.  I ended up writing the production and demanding to be absolved from the production.  I wanted nothing to do with it and nothing I did shown. 

It was August 2003 and I had just signed up with Central. My fellow reality star told me on the phone that working as an extra was hard and that the work was hard to GET.  Yeah it is if you are put on a list and are blackballed (more on that later- my teacher from this time played a hand in that.)   I got so mad at this girls attitude, plus well we differed in view on marriage- I personally have never been desperate to have a man there or perhaps it is just I have not met a man who lived up to my bar.  I picked up the phone (we were on the phone when I had the conversation about being an extra) called Central, and within 30 minutes had my first background job- and IRONY- “The Practice” as a REPORTER.  I had actually worked for COURT TV at one point as an INTERN.  I have worked hard at many jobs, and yet many of them either did not pay or pay well.   I ended up working the show MANY TIMES.   And SO I started working on sets and did not know it, but I was on my way to getting my SAG card.  Where I am from most actors are non-union or if they are UNION they were AE. 

I studied acting in College, took classes in Graduate School, in addition to private voice lessons, and also a few classes here and there with Private Study.  I also studied with Ted Bernetti for a few months.  I learned a great deal though from just acting and being on sets and paying attention to everything around me.  This road would take me onto 200 different productions, that is not days or hours, that is 200 different titles, many recalled me to and I was a regular on a dozen shows or more, or well I was told even by Central I was on lists to be back. (Central refused to give me my file which is what started me writing here on these pages and listing my days worked.)    The 200 does not include the probably 200+ commercials I worked on as well. 

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Apr 152011

05/12/08 My Sisters Keeper 8 hours

06/02/08 Snowflake 10.5 hours night shoot

06/03/08 Snowflake 9.2 hours

06/04/08 Snowflake 9 hours

06/23/08 Dave Hemingson Pilot 8 hours

06/25/08 Angels & Demons fitting

07/09/08 Set work 8 Hours

07/10/08 Angels & Demons 11.5 hours

07/11/08 Angels & Demons 11.8 hours

07/14/08 Angels & Demons 13.0 hours

07/15/08 Angels & Demons 11.5 hours

07/16/08 Angels & Demons 11.5 hours

07/17/08 Angels & Demons 11.5 hours

07/18/08 Angels & Demons 11.5 hours

07/21/08 Angels & Demons 11.0 hours

07/22/08 Angels & Demons 11.5 hours

07/23/08 Angels & Demons 13.5 hours

07/24/08 Angels & Demons 11.5 hours

07/25/08 Angels & Demons 12 hours

07/28/08 Angels & Demons 12.8 hours

07/31/08 Angels & Demons 11.5 hours

08/04/08 Grey’s Anatomy 11.8 hours UPS

08/07/08 Angels & Demons 9.5 hours

08/08/08 Angels & Demons 8 hours

08/15/08 Private Practice 8.5 hours played a visitor

08/18/08 Grey’s Anatomy 8 hours  This day a crew person from Eli Stone showed up on the set.  Patrick Dempsey made a remark that inferred he did not believe I was a lawyer and after they found out I made a documentary about cancer, Eric dane made a comment that “I thought I was an actor now.”  Needless to say I was on set to work. One of the stand-ins kept trying to get me into trouble over a guy I almost went out with and still worked with on sets.  She dated him, I almost did.  We had a working relationship.  Period.  I was getting stressed though over it.  two people who were SAG regulars had a conversation about two people meeting on scooters in Europe and the AD made some comment about telling Tom Hanks someone was fired.  It was weird and it got stranger.  I also heard both Eric dane and patrick dempsey talk about how they were going to tell security that someone was dangerous. 

08/19/08 I was told I was recalled on this date to the set of Grey’s.  Some man I had never seen before told me Disney had me on a watcher list???  I chose to beat cancer to pursue acting.  Tony Blair, a friend of the stand in Cynthia YOungblood, told me she worked for Homeland Security in an e-mail.  I felt violated.  I felt like I had been charged with a crime without a trial. I am a conscientious person who cares. I loved my job and my reputation.  I either have a future as an actress or I would have chosen to die of the cancer.  Meanwhile a man I threatened with a restraining order for assaulting me was still working on sets, and I dont have a future.  I dont want one without acting and I am trained and I am Good.  I am sane because I know who I am and I know what I love and I will not settle for some rich pretty boy celebrities who had no idea i worked there show after having a mastectomy (though the stand in did).  If they did not know, I am one good actress. 

Jeff Olan spent an hour on the phone with me and told me he had to do the same thing to some other guy on another set.  He at the time did not have a reason.  I was told by a stand in that it was political but she would not tell me who or why.  later he emailed me to tell me there was an incident, and i have heard everything from I tried to go somewhere i was not suppposed to go (I had lost a book and went to props to ask about it, but I asked before I went).  I was also told it was because of a conversation about soul mates meeting in europe on scooters, but that was not my story but two regulars and I just said that I believed in soul mates and I thought I met mine once but he was taken.  Dempsey and Dane commented that it must have been him, but for the life of me I dont know if they thought i was talking about Johnny Ponzio, Blake Shields or someone else.  I was not talking about anyone remotely connected to them or those two, and I thought he was my soul mate, but well if he was he would be with me and not someone else.  The guy i was talking about was someone who i met.  As insane as they were in their actions toward me I would not be surprised to find out that they thought I was talking about Clooney, and though he is my hero and I love his work, I am not his type.  I think he is more my equal though that Dempsey or Dane.  I am a professional.  I am an intellectual and I believe in not kicking someone when they are sick, scared, and abused.  I believe like souls are drawn together, which is why I find myself attracted to people who love the arts and acting and befriend those who believe in making good work with the craft.  If Dempsey or Dane were good people, I would not have spent the last two years wishing I had died of the cancer, and I would be building my site for the art, and working toward beating the world of cancer, instead of getting it again this past fall and being scared I had nothing to want to fight to live for.   

I also heard there was a guy who pulled a knife, but I was not there and had nothing to do with him.  I mean I worked on this set for years.  I never did anything violent or harmful to anyone.  I do know the guy I was told did that went into the crafty sag truck after a crew person said he could and that he gave me a card for his call in service, but I never called them.  I also worked with this guy on Angels And Demons and he also gave me the same card there.  I probably still have it, but I dont know his name.  

Jeff olan also told me months later that he thought I had dated Blake Shields when I had not.  Who is professional and who is not in all of this?

08/28/08 Audience 8 hours

09/02/08 Boston Legal 8 hours (this was weird and this producer shows up who I saw both at the the Barnsdale park and I think on Grey’s.)  In addition, I had a conversation with an officer of SAG who was guest starring and she told me that ABC was concerned about the value of its library??  When they wrapped me I felt as though security was stalking me.  In the mean time I had worked Boston Legal so many times and I heard one of the stars talk about how they thought I was nice and why?  this whole mess is so wrong.  I feel like I now live in 1984.  Just because I have a law degree I should not be forced to use against my will I am being punished?  Thanks America.  I am sorry but I am not a lawyer and I am here to be creative and act. I am responsible even if I can’t be the courtroom attorney. I have never even been in a real courtroom as a lawyer and so I think it is too late to make me be that person now when I have invested my life and time toward doing something that has meaning to me. I am not interested in owning a house.  I am not interested in selling insurance. I am me, not a clone of my parents generation.  The abuse stops with me.  I will be who I am and that is a good hard working person and I will find a way to make that work pay off.  I am a writer and poet and artist and I have worked hard for that.  I have not invested any time in being a real lawyer in a decade. I worked hard to earn a full scholarship to college and achieve a masters and train to move away from the law, and I have no interest to move back to that area at all.  I do not even like talking to regular lawyers.  I prefer talking about art, music, film and social change. 

I found out later that Jason george of Eli Stone had joined the cast and the day I was standing outside talking to this man who told me i could not work, well, the back ground and crew going in made comments about how they protect there own and Jeff wanted me there when he was there.  I have no idea what they were talking about, and as to protecting their own I was a girl who was just working to be an actress.  I am sick of how immature people can be.  I want to work hard and deliver good work and I am good or I would not have worked as much as I have.  Sorry but I know my ability to act was not why this happened.  It was political and it was wrong.  Months later Jeff Olan tried to infer to me that the name Johnny Lee Miller had been passed around alot. 

09/12/08 Audience work 8 hours

09/17/08 Commercial

09/18/08 Audience 8.75

09/19/08 Audience 8 hours

09/25/08 Audience 8 hours

09/28/09 Yes Man 8.7 hours

10/06/08 Audience 8 hours

10/07/08 Monk 9 hours (went to San Diego to work this.)

10/08/08 Monk 11.5 hours (Saw the Orioles play too one night.)

10/09/08 Monk 11.5 hours (Slept in my car to do this job.)

10/10/08 Audience 8.3 hours (Back in LA)

10/12/08 Once fallen- I think a pilot? 8 hours

10/15/08 Audience 10 hours

10/23/08 Audience 8 hours

11/4/08 Audience 4 hours

11/7/08 Audience 8 hours

12/04/08 Jokey Phone paid to tell jokes.  Seriously….

OK I found a note saying I worked on something called EXODUS FALL for 9.7 hours on 12//06/08 or 11?30/08 along with something called BRRAIN STORM. The only exodus falls I can find is one starring DEE WALLACE. Odd.

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Apr 032011
February 2008-May 2, 2008-Central dishonors my rep.

The road to my wishing I had died of the cancer.  I was scared but my doctor was taking care of me so my legs were improving enough that I felt I could be on sets.  Not up to running though and I made sure that was covered. My digestive system kept failing me though and […]

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