Hoshimoto’s Disease

Jan 292015

Today was a KEVITA DAY.  I had two.  I liked the BEET TONIC.  Kind of surprised about that one.  the Kale tonic tastes a bit like liquid spinach.  I liked it.  OK maybe bad but with my condition I kind of find I feel better after I chug a Kevita. 

Today I made  a protein shake with almond milk and some VEGA powder and hemp. I had celery sticks and almond butter.   I had green beans and an avocado. Fresh Lemon juice and water. I had oatmeal and frozen cranberries (probably not good for me). I had some brazil nuts.  (I am still trying to figure out how to eat them and with what.)   I had amaranth with beets and butternut squash with some coconut teriyaki aminos.  I think I am leaving something out. 


I need to really plan my means next month.  Focus on protein and right food combinations for alkaline high protein anti-Candida work.

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Jan 272015

AHH! This condition I have is so confusing.  I actually though was feeling fine until I went to the doctor to have my thyroid examined.  Then for the next few days I had a tightness in my throat.  Today my fingers on my right arm went numb for a few minutes.   I also had a coughing fit where I feel like I cleared my lungs of phlegm.  I don’t fell sick but I don’t feel well.  I feel like I need to work out as my body does not feel strong yet I also can’t figure out what to eat.  I keep looking up diets on line, and not to lose weight.  Most people with this disease gain weight but I have lost so much. 

I have figured out I need to eat more protein.  I refuse however to stop being vegan.  I would go so far as being Vegetarian but I apparently according to some sites can’t have cheese or milk.  I also can or can’t have eggs.  I am allergic to yeast though so that leaves out most aged cheeses.  In fact the only cheese I found on line I could have is certain types of goat cheese.  After much research I have come to the conclusion I need to do an alkaline diet with no foods that might aggravate my yeast allergies and limit the impact to my thyroid.  I am staying vegan and animal cruelty free.  I tried eating an egg, and I wanted to fall asleep.  Not a good sign.  I am also though researching food combinations which is part of an alkaline diet.

I am going to eliminate all night shades even though some sites keep telling me tomatoes are OK.  Apparently though you should not combine them with starchy food.  there goes pizza and pasta.  Nightshades include tomatoes, egg plants, potatoes (not sweet potatoes), bell peppers, goji berries, Ashwagandha, bush tomatoes, cocona. garden huckleberry, hot peppers. kutjera, Naranjillas, Paprika, Pepinos, Pimentos. Tamarillos. and Tomatillos.  Now I know why I rarely crave potatoes.  I also have had a love hate relationship with eggplant.  I love tomatoes but they often upset my stomach.  I have tried just eating them raw and even that makes my tummy get acidic. 

This morning I had yogurt with some frozen cranberries.  I had some muffins I made where I used a combination of oat flour and sorghum.  I need to eliminate sorghum I think as it seems to be too acidic.  I don’t want to waste it.  I added hemp powder to my chia oat flour muffin recipe to add some protein.   I had some brazil nuts. I craved them all day.  I had to restrain myself.  I’m worried about overloading my stomach with hard to digest fat.  I find my body likes carrot sticks so I had some baby organic ones.  (Cheap at $1.50 at TJs a bad.)  I also had some celery sticks.  I ate some almond butter on my muffins. 

For dinner I made amaranth with a combination of raw spinach cooked and frozen green beans.  Apparently frozen green beans are actually low in carbohydrates so they are not acidic. I used Teriyaki coconut amino sauce to flavor my dish.  Not sure if I should continue to use it.  I also made a dressing with tahini, lemon juice, water, and some coconut amino to put over the dish and to also use to dip celery sticks.

Finally I found this bread that is GF, Yeast Free, and also high in protein.  I had most of the ingredients so I thought I would make it.  I replaced the egg with ground flax seeds.  It was good.  I cut  up an avocado and as a final snack for the night I ate the avocado with a couple slices.  The bread is kind of like corn bread.  I keep reading I am supposed to stay away from legumes but pea protein powder may be OK if I don’t have a reaction. This bread has chickpea flour in it. This bread actually made my stomach calm down, either that or the avocado did. I am going to eliminate all legumes, though again I have read that lentils are less dangerous to the digestion and apparently are alkaline but I can’t buy the pre cooked ones for fear of fungus or yeast.  I may try to see how I feel about lentil dishes and if OK have some on occasion.  This means no more HUMMUS.  Unless I can find a kind not made from legumes or egg plants. I apparently am supposed to stay away from goiterous vegetables but I may try to make some cauliflower based hummus to see how I react to it.   

I’ve become obsessed with making lists on my phone of food to shop for by category- vegetables, carbohydrates, protein, fruit. spices. frozen vegetables/ fruit, and tea.  I was listing things by store with lists for TJ’s. Whole foods, and Fresh & Easy, but I think with my diet as it stands I need to ensure I get enough vegetables and protein and the right kinds of Carbohydrates and fruit when I shop each week regardless of what store I frequent. I also added the buckwheat bread I found at the bakery as a weekly needed purchase.  I think now that I know about the buckwheat bread I won’t need to spend so much time baking.  I also should be eating more salads and less baked goods anyways. 

I’m going to eliminate rice from my diet and replace it with wild rice, though I wonder if I can find a cheap rice cooker or slow cooker as it takes so much time to cook wild rice it might be better for me to cook it in a device designed to cook things slowly over a period of time.  Wild rice is a grain but apparently it is alkaline.  I should also buy quinoa in bulk from whole foods though they only have the standard white variety in three pound bags.  Apparently buckwheat grouts are also alkaline.  I’m not really dying to eat them but they are not terrible to eat either. I think I just need to figure out what tastes best with them.  I’m on the fence about Tapioca flour as I have never used it.  I was going to try combining tapioca flour with buckwheat flour to make an all purpose flour.. 

This is a Hashimoto diet what will kill me and what wont journey. 

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Jan 242015

Well from what I have been able to determine I need to up my protein intake.  I need to make sure I get at least 50 grams of it a day.  At the same time I am vegan.  I am exploring my options  Part of the problem is I need to remove possible inflammatory items off my table.  I have to eliminate eggs, dairy, soy, gluten, night shades (bell peppers, tomatoes, eggplants), potatoes, legumes and grains.  I also may need to remove nuts and seeds..  OK! what does that leave.

Well so far I know I can have hemp, chia seeds, flax seeds, coconuts, and also probably keep almonds and sunflower seeds.  Brazil nuts are also supposed to be good for me.  However I now wonder if I need to soak all nuts and seeds somehow.  I also should try to incorporate protein powder with pea protein.  I can eat lots of vegetables, but goiterous ones need to be cooked (kale, broccoli, cauliflower. etc.).  I should leave off fruits, though I read I may be able to have cranberry, cherries, raspberries, black berries, and perhaps kiwi.  Part of the problem with fruit is I am also allergic to Yeast that can be on the skin of fruits, fresh or dried.  I especially need to stay away from dried fruit. 

Today I had some buckwheat toast and coconut yogurt with hemp seeds.  Two handfuls of Brazil nuts.  (Need to cut back.)  Celery sticks with almond butter.  Carrot sticks. I had a VEGA French Vanilla protein shake made with almond milk and frozen cranberries.   For dinner I had buckwheat grouts mixed with black beans and fresh basil flavored with coconut aminos.    For Dessert I had plain coconut yogurt mixed with frozen cranberries.   IF that is all of it, I think I need to find ways to eat more.  Tomorrow is another day.    

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Jan 222015

Ok I have found out I have this disease right.  Well it turns out it is the number one autoimmune disease in America.  Depending on what you read it is or is not a disease of the thyroid.  However, your thyroid is involved because you have thyroid anti bodies in your system attacking it.  Your body things that your thyroid is bad.  it can cause depression, brain fog, in other words it may appear I am mentally ill, but I am actually being deprived of nutrients by my own system going hay wire.  I apparently need a high protein vegetable diet.   I also need carbohydrates, but have to eliminate Gluten, soy, sugar, legumes, eggs,  dairy, nightshades, and some say seeds and nuts. Some also add starches.  I’m vegan.  And I am allergic to yeast and pork.   I can’t eliminate all of it. I am just going to try soaking or cooking my seeds and nuts to allow for easier digestion.  I have also read that pea protein may be safe.  I had some of it the other day and my body seemed to enjoy the experience. 

What is frustrating is determining what to do about this problem, the fact I have had it for awhile and no one told me.  I am also right now having an allergic reaction to something.  My skin on my face, arms and upper chest is suddenly red.  I look like I have a sunburn but I have not yet left my apartment.  I had ginger tea.  Coconut yogurt with hemp seeds.  And a B Vitamin complex.  This happened once before and I thought it was this Fo-ti herb I take sometimes that is supposed to be good for stopping gray hair and for over all longevity.  I even found some articles on line that talk about it being good for my current condition. HOWEVER it has been known to cause a red rash in some people.  I’m not a doctor. Do not follow my advice.  Do your own homework.  I did not take the Fo-ti today.

I had the B complex last night and did not notice a reaction.  Maybe it is a combination of things i have to take together. I wonder how long between the time you consume something will you have a reaction to it? 

Anyways, a day or two ago when my face turned red I took a primrose oil capsule and drank water and it went away in less than 30 minutes.  I hope it is the B Complex though and not hemp seeds.  If it is the tea.  Well no lose there if I can’t have it.   the tea has ginger, lemongrass, licorice, peppermint, and black pepper in it.  I need a B Complex but not one that may cause me to be sent to the hospital.  The B Complex I am using also has herbs and other things in it.  It is not supposed to have yeast, but maybe I got a bad batch.  Anyways I am going to take the B Complex back to the store.  I think I can return it. 

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