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Jan 222015

I KNOW MY TITLE IS NEGATIVE.  However I am superstitious.  In my mind it is hopeful that if I agree it might be cancelled maybe it won’t be.  Anyways I like this show.  Surprised?  Yes. I Ms Buddhist.  Ms. Don’t talk God to my face or Jesus because I can’t stand being judged, likes this show.

Why?  Because it reminds me that Bad is not always bad.  Good is not always good.  Classic example from the show= A Nun shoots the lead.  She sets up a series of events that lead to death and mayhem.  The character presents this “I’m holier than though” attitude and in the end though she is both the catalyst for disaster and the savior.  In this day and age being a member of a church is no guarantee a person will do the right thing, or is in the right.  I think we see that in the news all the time these days and some of us recognize that truth, and others are blind to it in faith.  Yet I have always believed, and some religious scholars can probably point out text to this effect- blind faith is well blind.

At the same time I kind of see why perhaps ratings have dropped. I had a hard time watching the last episode in one sitting.  It is violent and very intense with no break in the intensity.  Really good acting.  The story idea is creative.  I think a series of Constantine films would be interesting.

What is going to be annoying IF they do cancel it is all the unanswered questions.  Who is the rising darkness?  Will Constantine lose his soul?  Who is Jed’s father?  Can he save the kid from the pilot?  Story questions to ponder for anyone writing fan fiction, though I wonder what this show is based on and if there are books or comic books behind it.

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