Twitter Attacks

twitter attacks from June 2014 forward after charges I filed against Gray’s Anatomy with the NLRB were dropped.

Jan 122017

My twitter stalker had stopped but then she started up again after I was harassed by a GUN lover on Instagram for being too old to act. I suspect my Instagram attackers may know my stalker. I know this is the same stalker because I got notifications for all the other comments, but the person with the EGG as their photo. In addition twitter did not take the account down and instead left up a comment that slander to my person. I want to sue TWITTER FOR THis and make them reveal who has been doing this to me as I suspect they KNOW.

There are more twitter attacks including ones from the fall I have not posted. It is time consuming and the attacks kine of mentally wore me out and almost made me stop functioning. I am so infuriated with this because I am trained to act, write, and make films but feel so violated by all of this and cut off and I have no idea who to trust not knowing who this lunatic is.

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Jan 122017

I am tired of not being able to get a lawyer for being abused and lied about and slandered. I am sick. I will probably die because of what these people did. I did not hurt anyone. I did not take anything or steal. And the people in the below emails, Michael Lovern Green, Lee Ryder are both TRUMP SUPPORTERS. Arne Star may be as well. He got work on set from Dempsey and apparently ERIC DANE either told him I was weird or that was his opinion of me on the set of Gray’s Anatomy. I would like him to define WEIRD, considering he was supposed to be pro gay, but I am actually straight. I am an introvert and shy. that is not a reason to be abused or made fun of.

Lee Ryder was included in the conversation by Michael Lovern Green. I got into a twitter fight with both of them after and blocked them. Ryder practically admits in the twitter attacks to knowing one WILL WALLACE and apparently got his SAG card by being picture picked by MAMET. Ryder is a gun lover and Republican. And he had a hatred for me that I did not understand but if he did know Wallace that would explain it. I took WALLACE off of my resume and would not talk about him. he was dead to me.

I was also NOT escorted off set and this is the first time I am hearing I terrified a woman. Arne in emails before which I posted never mentioned this and I talked to him about one COURTNEY LOVELL who I have emails from post us having an argument on a set. If I terrified her, why respond to me. I plan to post those emails.

Please note I tried to file charges against ERIC DANE for remarks I did hear about me on set from him and I have been trying to find a lawyer to SUE ABC and DISNEY and Shondraland for his BEHAVIOR and the fact that I was treated as though I commit a crime or was violent when I NEVER WAS violent with anyone. these conservative republicans LIED.

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Feb 222016

that is the only way I can describe what they are doing. We do not have a Constitution anymore and I can be abused for being single and not going to church. i can also be abused for defending myself by the only way I knew how, flashing a security guard who was assaulting me. I spent 24 hours in Olive View Hospital only to be sent to BCH for three more days. I was never processed to my knowledge for a crime though the doctors did drug me at Olive View and I have little memory of what happened there other than being strapped to a bed for 24 hours. I actually thought only a few hours had passed. Kind of scary. According to my blood tests the only drug in my system at the time was the drug they gave me and my TSH levels were way high. I was suffering from Hashimoto’s, a disease affecting many women in America.

I have decided to make the legal documents from the UNION open. I was going to the SAG FOUNDATION For a year despite what SAG AFTRA did because SAG AFTRA did not own the building in 2012. NOTE SOMEONE PAID FOR MY STAY AT THE HOSPITAL. I still do not know who and KATY KURTZMAN was hired a year later by GRAY”S ANATOMY and JUSTIN SANDLER who gave me a ride home from the hospital and his wife are now working with KURTZMAN. Justin apparently became friends with JEREMY GILBREATHE who sexually assaulted me.

I was not arrested. Under the laws of California nudity that is not sexually in nature is not a crime and frankly as long as I am not being man handled I would keep my clothes on. I was leaving the meeting too when the cops stopped me and took me. To my knowledge there is no restraining order. I NEVER ATTACKED ANYONE or HURT ANYONE. ANd I wrote the following document years ago in school. It shows how much I hated the NRA AND GUNS.

THIS MEANS MARC ZICREE’s TABLE I WOULD NEVER DATE A FORMER COP especially someone of my fathers generation. I would tell such a man to his face what a MONSTER and COWARD I THOUGHT HE was. I would tell him he is a murderer and that turns me off. I am a huge fan of the ARROW because killing should only be a last resort.

I am so angry. I worked hard in college to be an actor even before law school. AND IT IS NOT A HOBBY and I love how people try to claim I am negative while trying to destroy my faith in my own talent by declaring I am mental and I guess implying I think I am SUSAN SARANDON or a star. NO I AM IN THE UNION and there are no names being cast in films like STAR WARS who just did student films before being “discovered.” Yeah there are no names I could work with but without access to the UNION membership I can not make films at all. I AM UNION and I AM NOT FICORE and I have no interest in going inactive. I LEFT LAW and I will not return to it. I have no REASON to want a future because of what the UNION legal department is doing to me.

I am not a slut, which is what was indicated to me at a SAG AWARD event and I kind of want to know if JEREMY GILBREATHE worked the set of MR ROBOT. I have had very few men in my life in the 14 years I have lived in Los ANGELES. I wanted friends and guess what if I am not taking acting classes and studying acting I AM MISERABLE and I am not interested in finding a MAN to pay for my acting WARREN HEATON. He asked me if MY father was paying for my acting. THIS IS AN EMAIL I WROTE ABOUT winning a scholarship to COLLEGE.

Well I was so upset about getting invitations to union events and other organizations in the same building like the SAG FOUNDATION and ACTORS FUND I recently responded to their emails with the following.

After I sent the above I was once again attacked on TWITTER. These are horrible. IS IT TRUE? THE SAG AWARDS ARE NOT COUNTING MY VOTE? How many actors are in the union and got their card by just paying for AFTRA before the UNION MERGER. And are all background artists being denied their rights like this because they walked behind JASON GEORGE on a set and did not pass his standards of beauty or DEMPSEY OR DANE.

Then there were these.

These are the followers of my Twitter stalker.

I do not know what is going on but I am tired of NO DUE PROCESS. I am tired of not being able to express my case and I have told the legal department I have HASHIMOTO’s. And I am sick of being told I am not a buddhist and not a lawyer and not an actor. I am tired because i was a nice girl who was hard working on the east coast and I worked hard on sets. I HAVE NO DESIRE TO WORK FOR THINGS I DO NOT WANT AND A FUTURE I DO NOT WANT> I have even had to prove myself at SANTA MONICA COLLEGE because the film department has been judgmental of me. I took a film class where we shot a different short every week for 10 weeks and I got an A in the class and a B in the lab, but only because I refused to show up the last day because of a personality difference. I do not attack people. I walk out or away. AND I WAS ON SET FULL TIME FOR 5 years. SEE MY IMDB because I have started adding credits.

I HAVE HEALTH ISSUES and I ONLY KNOW ENGLISH> I am not going to go to the UK to suffer in the cold and get sick and die. I might as well just commit suicide here. I keep losing weight. AS IT STANDS I do not want anyone in my life but my life back on sets. I am not going to DATE and I am not going to sleep with anyone. Not unless I can make my own money and be back on sets.

I worked so hard to learn photo shop and editing but after being told I was on a list by DISNEY in 2008 I stopped caring and stopping caring does not mean I work anyways. IT MEANS I STOP WORKING because if I do not have passion for what I am going I have no reason to do it.

I do not want to work in CREW OR EDITING OR ANYTHING IN THE ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT IF I AM NEVER GOING TO WORK ON A SET AGAIN AND IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA> You want to convince me I am TOO UGLY TO BE AN ACTOR than why would I want to reproduce and trying to get me into a relationship with someone outside of acting has cost me everything and everyone I loved about beating the CANCER. I HATE MEN WHO CAN NOT EXPRESS FEELINGS> I HATE MEN WHO CAN NOT CRY AND MEAN IT.

knowing I can not be in the building, and actually I thought this was just the offices of SAG AFTRA but to ban me from all UNION EVENTS means I can not be at SAG AWARD EVENTS or at anything with my UNION? It means no SAG FOUNDATION OR ACTORS FUND OR AFI. DO you know how expensive acting classes are and I have no desire to fight to make tons of money to pay $50 a class anywhere to make ACTING A HOBBY. I have to work to pay rent and to cover education loans. I KNEW THat already WHICH WAS WHY i WAS WORKING TO LEARN PHOTO SHOP AND editing, NOT BE FORCED TO GO BACK TO LAW OFFICES AND BE A TEMP. i WILL NEVER REPRESENT ANYONE AS A LAWYER. i WILL NOT NO MATTER HOW MANY PEOPLE MAY THINK i AM REQUIRED TO. OR THAT i AM NOT BEING HELPFUL TO OTHERS BY NOT PRACTICING. i FIND OUT MY CLIENTS LIED TO ME i WOULD BREAK THE ETHICS RULES AND TELL EVERYONE BECAUSE I HATE LIARS.


I want to work in narrative work, and i hate reality tv and I am not a commercial actor. NED VAUGHN was presiding over the meeting in 2012, MR I WANT TO BE RONALD REAGAN. YES THEATER IS NOT SAG AFTRA BUT under the rules of the UNION I am a member. And the legal department admits I AM. AND JASON GEORGE I NEVER REALLY WANTED TO BE A LAWYER. I wanted to be an actor. Friends in college pushed me to be an actor because they felt I had talent. SEE MY INSTAGRAM. I have posted documents of acting projects I did in college and letters of praise for my acting work at that time in my life. I worked on sets but I also trained when ever and where ever I could afford to, including a great deal of cold reading. SORRY BACK EAST but I do know how to COLD READ.

EVERY YEAR I ask to go to the SAG AFTRA AWARDS VIEWING PARTY AND THEY TELL ME NO except last year when I do not even think I got an invite if there was one. NO CHRISTMAS PARTY. NO HEALTH FAIR. and the VP knows I lost my breasts to cancer. She knows that the SAG FOUNDATION was letting me go to their events in 2013.

AND NOTE THE LETTERS FROM THE SAG AFTRA are from 2012 while BLAKE SHIELDS WAS ON MY FACEBOOK page in 2013 and I have proof of that. Now john carol lynch is on the board and even though he was on my Facebook page he has now blocked me.

I WANT JUSTICE. I WAS A GOOD STUDENT but that does not mean I should be bullied to be an academic. I think i would have been cast in the long run but we have become so CRUEL TO EACH OTHER> I will NEVER PRACTICE LAW because I will not be reduced to being a LOSER FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE which is exactly how SAG AND AFTRA have made me feel.

AND I WOULD NEVER DATE DAVID H LAWRENCE AND IT MAKES ME SICK that if i had let that creep take me to dinner I might not be in this position. JEREMY GILBREATHE TRIED TO RAPE ME. I AM NOT A SLUT. I did not lead him on and even told his girlfriend now wife ALAINA FILO I prefer blonds. SERIOUSLY in college all the guys i liked and was interested in were tall blonds and the reps for my class at MCDANIEL COLLEGE ALAINA FILO know who I am. AGAIN SEE MY INSTAGRAM.

I am finished practically a certificate in DIGITAL MEDIA acting and my editing teacher even told me he had faith in my acting. however his former employer is GRAY”S ANATOMY. I will not work unless I get to work as an actor and get to fight to be an actor. I am not here to be a wife or someone’s mother. I am not here to be treated like a sex object by a man which to me is pretty much the extent men are capable of loving a woman. I want to be doing what love again. I want to be back on sets. I will not be a lawyer. I will not work in law ever. I did not chose to live for LOVE because to me that means I have to give up being an actor and working on sets. I was happy on sets. I wanted to stay single. I would never love a man if he did not let me be me. I created ARTISTIC HOPE Because the ART OF ACTING was important to me. I DO NOT LIKE CROWDS. I DO NOT DO ACTING TO BE ON A STAGE> I loved being on sets.

I did not do anything wrong on a SET> and because I did not I will not be punished with a future where I can never be on sets again. I will not go get a life I do not want with people I do not want to be friends with because they do not love acting or can not talk about what I understand and feel comfortable with. It is hard to make true friends. I was so happy on sets for the first time in my life. And I am not responsible for JEREMY trying to sexually assault me when I was asleep and he know I had a thing for Blake Abramovitz. I am also not responsible for his actions toward his girlfriend/ wife. If he got her pregnant than maybe he should be forced to leave the industry and get a real job.

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Nov 262015

OK this weekend I was attacked on my home computer, and my phone, and also on twitter. All at once. this is a professional hacker or someone with the government or Scientology. I suspect that ARne Starr is a scientologist. He keeps claiming I attacked actors I think with the premise that if he keeps telling that to people his lie will become true.


Some kind of app issue. The last app I added to my phone were political apps like HINDER. I do not think I will be using them again.

As to the phone being hacked, it may have been to prevent me being able to respond and also block and copy the following posts on twitter.

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