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Dec 072015

Sixty calorie bagels. SIXTY. I love baking bread, and I can honestly say this is the ultimate bagel … –

I am making this today.  I used 3T of chia seeds for the egg replacer and one container of Trader joe’s organic cinnamon apple sauce snacks.  I also make my own baking soda using cream of tartar and bob mill’s baking soda 2 to 1. 
This is what the batter looks like. 


GF bagel batter

This is what the look like going into the oven.


Bagels going into oven

This is the final product.  I think i need to make them not as high.  Also I suspect a better oven would give better results.  A bit moist in the middle.  Taste like apple bagels. 


GF coconut flour vegan bagels.

I suspect i will not make these again as i do not like them. They may be better with a different egg substitute. Too moist in the middle. I like crispy bagels.

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Dec 172014

Starting in Febuary of this year I started feeling unwell. It started with my teeth hurting, though I had the teeth pain before.  It went away and then I got a nasal infection.  That left and was replaced by a choking sensation at the base of my throat.  I had started really looking at my medical records and started looking up things I did not understand.  I discovered my thyroid might be part of the problem and my breast cancer doctor sent me to a thyroid specialist.  That’s when things went horrifically wrong. 

Let me describe the back history.  In 2005 I lost my breasts to cancer.  The doctors took my breasts and two lymph nodes on my right and I think 4 or 5 on the left.  No indication the cancer had spread.  In 2007 I was having stomach issues.  I had a history with GERD but I hated taking the medicine. I was trying to regulate it with diet and home remedies.  Well I had a colonoscopy and endoscope and all they found was a tiny hiatal hernia.  I ended up going to a doctor in the valley who helped me start a food journal.  By this time I had lost 10 pounds dropping to 116. He put me on Sempra Pm & Am which I did for a few months.  It was expensive.  All of a sudden I could concentrate and my brain could focus again.  He tested my blood in 2008 and I had a high TSH and low white blood count but no one thought to do any testing or complete exam of my thyroid.  I discovered at this time wrongly that I had a serious allergy to wheat to so I cut gluten out.  Cutting wheat out of my diet made a huge difference.  I stopped taking Senpra and replaced it with ALC, a good for the brain supplement which was cheaper and did that for a few months.

Well here I am today.  Under 45.  I’m 5’9″  and weigh 111 pounds.  I went to a thyroid doctor who tried to tell me my thyroid was fine. Went to my breast doctor, had a ultrasound of my breasts which turned out fine. She looked at my throat and saw cysts. I then went to a throat doctor who finally did an ultrasound to show I have thyroiditis and nodules. My thyroid doctor I got really mad at. I got sick with walking pneumonia. He gave me penicillin. It helped but the cough stayed for over a month. It took me finding a new doctor to start solving the problem.

Found a new internist who gave me blood tests. I just found out I’m not allergic to gluten but yeast.  Yeast is in left overs, citrus acid, b vitamins, breads, on dried fruit, peanuts, roasted nuts, pistachios, sometimes dried beans, and pretty much anything processed.  I have to change my whole diet.  So far I feel better though I’m getting sinus headaches regularly.  I discovered a ginger shot with lemon and Cheyenne knocks it out.  I’m wondering if I can live off ginger root.  I’m also going to have to replace my Vega protein with something yeast free just in case. Even many probiotics have yeast, yet I need probiotics to combat the yeast.  Relearning how to survive.  Too much stress. 

I still need to call a new thyroid doctor. But now I’m not sure if my thyroid has issues or its the allergy. I just would like to be healthy. Look beautiful. And I want to be working. I do. Acting is my work. I wish the person attacking me on Twitter would get struck down by the evil money God he or she worships. I hate me parents. I’m not well. I’m not young. But I’m. Not old either. I am sick of my parents generation robbing me of my love for life and my dreams.

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Dec 082014

I’m making this using Vega Vanilla chai.  I probably am going to have to switch brands as it does not claim to be yeast free.  I need a snack that is protein high.  Plus processed candy bars and snacks may have yeast in them.

It looks like green play dough.


I have some Raw Fiber by “guardian for life” and I used it to roll balls of the” cake” dough in. 


Now to refrigerate.  The recipe says it will make four balls.  I think I miss measured because I made six.  They are the size of donut wholes.

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