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Mar 062015

I saw today that the UNION has publicized the DRIOT MORALE laws of various countries around the WORLD. I find this interesting as I talked to the people with SAG Creative about a paper I had written back in Graduate school on the exact same topic. I wrote the paper PRE-LAW SCHOOL. The irony is that in the paper I point out that NEITHER THE UK or the US has very much respect, or did, for the concept of the INTEGRITY Of AN ARTIST. Both systems are based on financially driven motives that suppress individual artist rights by nature. By the way I find the publication by the SAG AFTRA UNION offensive as they have been violating MY RIGHTS FOR OVER FIVE YEARS or helping DISNEY, ABC FAMILY, ARNE STARR, ASAF COHEN, JASON GEORGE, NED VAUGHN, and the LAWYERS WHO RUN THE UNION CRABTREE IRELANS AND WHITE effectively deny my basic Constitutional rights to association and expression. not to mention fair trade and commerce and also the right to compete and the UNION is a 501(c)(3) that has obligations not to discriminate and to treat its members equally not based on financial return.

You see my original thesis in Graduate School, pre law school, was to write a paper on the moral rights of the different countries. But I could not find a faculty member at American University at the time willing to be my advisor on the subject. Hence why I eventually after several years of matriculation and law school wrote a paper on the NEA v FINLEY CASE. MY thesis can be found in American University’s archives.


The paper I wrote on Droit Moral is below. I also wrote a 20 page paper on CENSORSHIP also pre-law school and presented it at a conference at American University. Please note both papers are dated, over ten years old. See below.

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Mar 062015

Yep. I wrote a paper on Environmental Economics. In particular on tariffs imposed on Developing countries and their impact. I was an Economic Student in college. HOWEVER, I was not a CONSERVATIVE. I believed in giving back. I believed the United States needed to set an example. I also believed in my own right as an individual to express my view without being forced into slave labor for it.

Read the paper to the end before you judge as my conclusion in my opinion is not only logical but emotionally valid. As you can see, I GOT AN A. My parents have never read this paper and frankly I don’t think they would agree with me. I have spent the last five years being abused and stalked based on Ignorance and slander. I was a brilliant student. A good actor. And I succeeded on sets. I am tired of going to networking events and hearing someone bad mouthing me based on the words of individuals who had reasons for invalidating my reputation that were self serving.

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Dec 082014


  That is only because the medium has changed.  The revenue is still there it’s just going some place else.  The ad money goes to internet marketing.  That money needs to be channeled somehow back to the creators of programs and the artists for streaming acting and TV work.  They need a new name for it, like ITTV.  Internet Television. 

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Dec 072014

Ok….  and he is famous and it took them this LONG to do something.  By the way I have not been reading about this a great deal or obsessing over it because he did not molest me. It is painful and reminds me of how our system has been secretly failing half the population of this country for decades. 

My molester Jeremy Gilbreathe, works crew on reality TV shows my old employer, well indirectly, National Geographic, and is an AD.  He gets to live his dreams in part, though he wants fame, while I get told by a Jewish artsy woman from LA named Kia Wallace that Blake Shields is going to be working for the next two years on sets.  I need to know not only that I can work in sets but that I can continue to fight to be a working actor by doing SAG Foundation CAP and AFI.   Does Assaf Cohen,  Jason George, and Blake need to do either of those when they HAVE an established career?  NO..   I get painted an ugly old woman who needs to get a job while he the great Yoga teacher savior of artistic souls knows Jeremy molested me but since I’m not a gorgeous hot woman who is perfect I can be set up to look like a stalker or a crazy woman while he gets to do what he wants.  Why I hate Disney.  Because any woman with money can be made to be beautiful, and plastic surgery does not have to be involved.  But take away the dreams of a woman, her independence, her imagination, her inspiration, and her Source of income and you make a loving caring person a bitter ugly bitch and that makes you ABC and Disney and Assaf Cohen and Blake Shields and Arne Starr and Jeff Olan truly UGLY.


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Oct 172014

No one go to law school.  It is not the key to making money. It is a door to having your rights violated by people trying to make you practice thinking if you have the degree you can just make money with it.  I was better at being background the working in law offices back […]

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