Voice Over Reels

I have taken classes at the Voice Over Lab at the Sag Foundation. I also did an open call for Amazon. They told me I have an interesting voice and send me auditions. I am still trying to figure out how to make my own home studio. I need a microphone and a way to create a quiet space. Basically about $300 and I would be set. For now I made this sound track for a class in sound recording at SMC. It is called GHOST BABY and is is the story of a Baby and a VAMPIRE. ENJOY. All voices are mine as is the story.

I need to create a reel. For now I am using the following films I sound engineered.

This is a project I did for Sound Engineering with Edward Beasley at Santa Monica College. I have done ADR work for Beasley in class to show how it is done. He told the class I am easy to work with and good at it. This is a little lego film. Note I only do the FEMALE Voices and robot. I chose all the sound effects as well. Jackson Rayfield who was in class with me did all the leading man.